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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation for a Competitive Advantage

Quartz Editorial Team

Quartz Editorial Team

Seizing the Opportunity for Digital Acceleration with Agile + Nearshore

Becoming an agile enterprise is an ongoing journey rather than a final destination. 

For Softtek – Latin America’s largest private IT service provider – their path towards digital acceleration was shaped by a rapid change in customer behavior. 

Benni Lopez, US Market CEO & Global Managing Director – Industrial, and his Softtek colleague, David Jimenez, Global Managing Director – CPG, recently joined the Quartz Network to explain how CIO’s can implement a model to accelerate their digital programs. 

The executives share advice on adding a Nearshore™ component, embracing agile ways to source and focusing on value streams that put the customer first.

Preparing for Digital Experience

Today, customers expect everything to be a digital experience. From ordering lunch, to buying a car from Tesla. Companies must be able to meet those needs with available options in order to stay in business.

Jimenez explains the four pillars for digital acceleration covered in the presentation:

  1. Experimenting Agility
  2. Platform Agility
  3. Talent
  4. Operational Agility

Leading companies have used these pillars as guidance and Lopez shares relevant case studies of businesses they have helped along this journey.

“We bring in all these resources with a methodical approach with a framework to help iterate and develop those ideas quickly and scale those that makes sense,” Lopez said.

Digital Transformation Offers Competitive Advantage

Smart, agile architecture that leverages existing platforms is the first prerequisite. Businesses need to have their platform ready before they can make the move towards a digital transformation to reap the competitive advantage.

“You need to have the framework,” he explained. “You need to have the methodology. You have to have the process to be able to continuously iterate and get to these results.”

It’s all interrelated with the concept of hyper automation and its foundations. The different enablers impact the business outcome. You’re looking at the extent of automation available within each discipline as well as the different areas of business processes which impact cost reduction, revenue optimization, maximizing your profits and more.

“To leverage successfully, we need to take care of all our fundamentals,” Lopez said.

The sooner you begin the journey, the closer you are to accelerating the pace of transformation.

Watch the presentation, Seizing the Opportunity for Digital Acceleration with Agile + Nearshore, for more ways to leverage your agile processes.