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Actionable Ways to Accelerate Team Performance

Quartz Editorial Team

Quartz Editorial Team

How to Cultivate High-Performing Marketing Teams

Achieving excellence can be difficult, but setting a clearly defined path towards success is a great start towards reaching your goals.

Dawn Mueller, Global VP of Marketing and Communication at Wolters Kluwer, shared her blueprint for building high-performing marketing teams in a recent Quartz Network presentation. In short, leaders should establish their destination, understand their strengths and those of their team, and lead by outcome.

Mueller holds a doctorate in Marketing and Management and wrote her dissertation on market orientation. Her impressive background has given her the insight necessary to build efficient and effective marketing teams at Wolters Kluwe. There are a few crucial elements you must take into consideration when building a marketing team.

Satisfy Needs and Wants

Market orientation—the focus on identifying customer needs and meeting them—is also important for team building and is proven to increase profitability. 

Mueller discusses the three components of market orientation in her presentation, which include:

  1. Competitor Orientation – keeping a pulse on direct competitors and also unexpected disruptors
  2. Customer Orientation – thinking about what’s affecting your customers, what’s happening in their industry and with their customers
  3. Inter-Functional Coordination – ensuring cross-departmental communication for company wide collaboration

Setting up for Success

The journey matters as much as the destination, and part of setting your path to success involves defining the type of Marketing team you want to be. 

Is innovation important to you? Or are you looking to be the team that generates the most revenue?

Understanding you and your team’s capabilities helps you set practical goals throughout your journey. “If you set the bar, you can exceed it,” Mueller explains. “You can keep adjusting it higher and your team will buy into that too.”

Watch the presentation, How to Cultivate High-Performing Teams in Marketing, for more ways to establish your team vision and ensure everyone is onboard.