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B2B Rebranding 101!

Jazz Berry

Jazz Berry

Senior B2B Marketing Manager at Deliveroo

Rebranding is always a major challenge for any business whether you are in the B2B or B2C space. This article discusses Jazz Berry’s (Senior B2B Marketing Manager) experience with rebranding Deliveroo for work, after doing this twice already from scratch for two other major businesses. She delves in to her top 3 non-negotiables in doing this…Getting back to basics, finding the mission to solve & how to over communicate this to your audience whilst spending a bit more money! 

Setting Foundations 

Jazz recalls that at the start of any rebranding journey it’s vital to get “back to basics”. Whether you are a B2B or B2C business she states creating a mission statement or even just one line of what you are trying to achieve “has to be the foundational jumping off point to begin any major rebrand”. Having done this twice already Jazz remarks that this is a perfect reminder to keep your rebrand on track… highlighting that you “can always come back to it”.  With lots of components flying around during a rebrand Jazz states it’s pivotal to know “exactly what you are communicating to your audience” and to not fall out of sync. 

Listening to your customers 

Jazz speaks of the customer being “ever-evolving” and in this instance relates it particularly to customers’ expectations of “products and situations” and how these alter. She refers to the last few years of being filled with changes (to say the least) but that change is “completely normal” and to not feel “alienated” by it. She pinpoints not to “underestimate communication” with your customers in times like this and even using your customer base to lean on to understand exactly what “works and what doesn’t”. “Surveys” and “candid conversations” are two streams by which Jazz recommends in gaining feedback from customers and then using this knowledge of pain points to adapt going forward in your rebrand. 

Planning for long-term 

In response to where marketing leaders should start when planning to grow their marketing function, Jazz refers to having an “aspirational” outlook and looking at peers in the industry who are succeeding already. To continue on this point, she draws on staying realistic in what’s achievable and the “steps that it’s going to take to get there”, for example timeframes, budget and resources. She is passionate about viewing the product from the customers perspective and remarks “wear the customer’s hat”. Again, relating back to her earlier point…feedback is king and that you need to “get close to your product” to really understand the pain points. “Recognise some really quick wins” Jazz remarks with regard to spearheading future marketing success, but also plan for the long term and keep in mind this can take several years and might not be the sexiest task. Finally, be prepared to spend, spend, spend! 

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James Edmunds, Managing Director, TRIP  

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