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Creating Brand Purpose in the Digital Age

Quartz Network - CONNECT CMO

Quartz Network - CONNECT CMO

CMOs are up against the challenge of creating high quality, consistent and authentic content. The aim? To gain brand recognition and showcase a competitive edge. How do they ensure they resonate well with their audience and that comes across in a genuine and engaging way? Brands struggle to standing out from the crowd and being relevant in a time when traditional marketing is falling behind. Luckily, we live in a world right now where brands can utilise social platforms as a tool to tell stories and influence that brand love. Joining us for our October ’22 Leadership for Creating Brand Purpose in the Digital Age we have…


Sal Maiorano, Marketing Director, Furniture Village

Sal, has 15 years of experience defining and implementing innovative digital marketing plans and communication strategies across a diverse range of sectors from start-up level to PLCs, he now manages digital acquisition at Furniture Village.

He is well versed in customer-centric marketing strategies and how to leverage this to maximise revenue generation opportunities. An avid conference goer who enjoys delivering thought-provoking sessions.


Yolanda Valery Gil, Head of Digital Engagement, Ocado

Ocado, a FTSE 100 business is making waves in the groceries game. To help with that, Yolanda, describes herself as a passionate storyteller, someone who puts customer centricity at the heart of what she does. Her breadth of experience spans several years with the BBC where she has worked on a global scale, implementing social media strategy across 40 language services and leading innovation on platforms and formats across these different markets.

Swagat Choudhury Global Head of Digital Products at Diageo


Swagat Choudhury, Global Head of Digital Products, Diageo

Global Head of Digital Products at Diageo, Swagat has 19 years of experience under his belt which has enabled him to stay at the forefront of new-age marketing. Having focused 10 of those years in the digital, media and e-commerce space, it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about the digital landscape of a highly successful, global leader in the alcohol market. One of his main passions being to “inspire and guide people to a better today and a great tomorrow”.

Not only will you take away fantastic tips from this panel discussion, it will run alongside 20 other content pieces. Covering a range of topics including Brand, Agility, Disruptive Technology, Customer Centricity and more, it’s not one to miss! The aim of CONNECT CMO is to connect, engage and make life easier for leading marketing executives. As such, you’ll be centre stage with the leading product providers on the market right now.

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