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Nearly five years ago, Tracy Robertson began focusing on the ever-changing landscape of the customer buying journey within the growing ecommerce industry. 

She noticed these changes happening throughout the industry and vowed to remain in business another 150 years. To stay relevant, her company began a companywide transformation centered around the customer. 

You can’t just flip a switch and have the perfect customer experience. It’s a process.

Andy Clement, Chief Customer Officer at Kimberly-Clark

Robertson, VP of Global Customer Experience & Marketing at Kimberly-Clark joins Andy Clement, Chief Customer Officer to discuss their customer-centric approach in a recent Quartz Network presentation. 

Take a Customer-First Approach

The $18 billion global manufacturing company is dedicated to providing customers with the best overall experience through every interaction. For the mission to be successful, they need the whole company onboard.

“Everybody has got to really say, ‘We’re in this for the customer first,’” Clement explained. There can be internal leaders helping to drive the change, but overall, it’s a team mentality. 

Robertson added that at the heart of the company, they are a people-centered culture. Through effective change management, they were able to elevate the concept to the next level. 

Lead with Empathy

A part of change management is understanding that not everyone will be receptive towards changes. Typically, you will have a portion of early adopters, a group who embraces the change but waits for direction, and others who are not receptive and decide to part ways. “That’s common at any organization and any kind of transformation you’re doing,” Robertson explains.

At the heart of what we do, we are a people-centered culture first.

Tracy Robertson, VP of Global Customer Experience & Marketing at Kimberly-Clark

Watch the presentation, Customer Experience Driving Unity Between Sales and Marketing, to find out how Kimberly-Clark used empathy and a customer first approach to help drive their successful customer-focused transformation.