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Tope Sadiku

Tope Sadiku

Global Head of Digital Employee Experience at KraftHeinz

Tope Sadiku Global Head of Digital Employee Experience KraftHeinz

Tope Sadiku, Global Head of Digital Employee Experience, KraftHeinz

Employee experience in 2022 will be fundamental to retaining your greatest asset – your employees. The workforce is changed and with it, digital employee experience must adapt. We spoke with Tope Sadiku, Global Head of Digital Employee Experience at The Kraft Heinz Company, to shed some light on how workspaces need to change to facilitate great experiences.  

“Digital experience is essentially how your employees consume technology,” Tope explains. “they should feel like they have a delightful experience and you should really ask how employees feel. How does technology affect their perception of your company?”  

How to Improve Employee Experience

When trying to improve your employees’ experience you should think about whether your creating a harmonious experience. “If you design a room where all the colours clash, most people probably won’t enjoy being there”, Tope says. It’s important that you enable the flow of work – especially important as workforces become more remote.  

“We also need to detract business from physical location”, Tope asserts. An interesting concept in modern times. And the language we use around this greatly affects our perception of the working environment. “We should think of ‘workspaces’ rather than ‘workplaces’.” The word “place” is far too rigid and static whereas “space” implies malleability and the capacity to change depending on objectives.  

Collaboration and Flexibility

“You need one space for focused, deep work, another space for collaboration and a further space for creativity and inspiration.” It’s hugely practical. Create a space where people can be undisturbed. A space where people can get together and share ideas. And finally, a space where people can get inspiration to solve trickier problems.  

Where teams are more distributed, you must then enable employees to define for themselves when during the day they’re most effective. Tope says, “I’m an early riser and that’s how I’m effective – for everything, not just work. You then need technology so that people can collaborate on projects when they might not all be online at the same time.”   

We’ve seen companies like PwC adopt “start when you like, leave when you like” policies. We’re likely to see more of these in future. If you can enable your employees to collaborate while having more flexibility, you’re likely to see productivity spike as well as more engaged, satisfied employees.  

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