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Discover the Easier Path to B2B Buying

Quartz Editorial Team

Quartz Editorial Team

The Journey of B2B Buying eBook

We get it. Your B2B buying journey is anything but a straight path forward.  

But it doesn’t have to be. 

Simplify Your B2B Buying Process 

Searching for software can take months, leaving you drained and second-guessing yourself. There’s nothing worse than decision fatigue to cloud judgement and jeopardize a budget.  

According to research referenced in our new eBook, The Journey of B2B Buying, “Since it takes such a significant amount of time and energy to purchase, many buyers pick a product simply because they don’t want to start the process over.” 

Purchasing a solution should help you get ahead. It’s a time to celebrate, not commiserate. And our eBook uncovers ways to get you there in half the time.  

Problems with the B2B Buying Journey 

We examined why B2B buying is broken, how it broke, and the simple path to fixing it.  

It boils down to three major problems, with the biggest one being market saturation.  

Sadly, the journey is never complete until you’ve been bounced around to multiple contacts at even more companies. And since the traditional path to purchase is littered with endless funnels, sales pitches and product demos, you’re spent before you’ve even onboarded the new solution. 

Find a Solution to B2B Customer Buying

At Quartz Network, we help more than 10,000 members find solutions in minutes, not months. It’s as easy as telling us your challenges and we do the rest. With one click, you can meet with the right solution providers and advance directly to the finish line of your journey.  

Discover why the buying process is broken and explore the easier path in our eBook, The Journey of B2B Buying