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Driving Marketing Success – Making Budget Sexy!

Simon Morris

Simon Morris

VP Marketing EMEA & APAC at Adobe 

Simon Morris, VP Marketing EMEA & APAC, Adobe

Simon Morris, VP Marketing EMEA & APAC, Adobe 

This week, Charlie Roberts, head of content at Quartz sat down with Simon Morris, VP Marketing EMEA & APAC at Adobe for a short but fascinating tête-à-tête, that discusses an array of topics, from budget strategy to brand creation. 

The first issue covered is yet another age-old favourite: ‘To what extent does campaign spend dictate success and why?’ 

Alas, it seems that budget really is the base level million-dollar question, but there are always other forces at play, too. 

‘What do you actually see as success’, states Morris plainly. He explains that alignment from key stakeholders on this question is critical for any brand, particularly around this topic of budget.   Everybody needs to have both similar and realistic expectations.  

What Dictates Success? 

‘From an ad perspective, frequency and reach are critical’.  Simon explains that without sustained and consistent investment, success is not a realistic goal- whatever that may look like for a company.   Quarter after quarter, winning campaigns need the same financial support.  Simply put, ‘short term spikes are not smart’.  

Simon believes that Adobe’s most successful campaigns have had the opportunity to run for a decent amount of time.  ‘If nothing else, it allows you to optimize’.  Having a campaign run for a prolonged period, also provides more insights.  This allows for an ever- deepening understanding of the client base, which is ultimately the most important lesson.   

Above all, though, it is ‘the marriage of art and science’, that truly drives iconic successes. Adobe’s ‘Hidden Treasures campaign a few years ago digitised and brought back to life, lost art.  Essentially, Edward Munch’s long-lost brushes were made available for our creative community to use on photoshop.  It was a campaign only Adobe could have delivered.  This is data and storytelling.  It was beautiful’ 

It’s also important to remember that most people you are marketing to are not going to buy then and there.  ‘This is why longevity is key’, and why each campaign must leave a meaningful, relevant, and seemingly personal impression upon every consumer. 

What Is a Brand? 

Simon argues that it used to be the case that when the word brand was mentioned, the first things that came to mind were all about brand protection and reputation…. ‘Now when we think about brand, we think about co creation.  How do we keep our brand modern and relevant?   Who is the brand, what does it represent?’ 

It’s important to stress what Simon says next: ‘We are not in control of our brand.  It is reflective of our creative community as a whole’ 

For this reason, Adobe recently opened up its’ entire brand identity to their creative consumers. ‘Take our logo and interpret it’ was the brief.  Simon is clear to note that this was not a marketing stunt.   These different iterations of the Adobe logo are on display across all Adobe offices.  

‘The creative community are the brand’ 

Simon Morris, Marketing Director, Adobe

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