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How to Use Your CRM to Enable Sales Teams

Quartz Editorial Team

Quartz Editorial Team

Stop Kidding Yourself - Managing Your Salespeople

It’s no secret—many salespeople hate CRM. Although polarizing, CRM can be the perfect sidekick to enable sellers and galvanize a team. 

CRM Offers Many Benefits for Sales Team

As the VP of Global Sales at Honeywell, Charles Forsgard is very passionate about using a CRM, also known as a customer relationship tool. From the moment he first used Salesforce, he understood the potential.

“I was enthralled with it because, for me, the vision that I got from it was that it was something that could really enable me as a salesperson,” Fosgard said.

In a recent Quartz Network presentation, he shares ways to use the right data from the CRM to enhance the performance of your sales team.

Love-Hate Relationship

Fosgard believes you can change your approach to remove any team distrust towards a CRM and enable your sellers. 

One of the most important things that I’ve learned about coaching is the phrase, ‘Ask, don’t tell.’

Charles Forsgard, VP of Global Sales at Honeywell

What worked for him was redesigning the system so it had fewer fields to fill out for an opportunity. Then, instead of using the term logging, he reframed the activity and called it planning to empower the sales team.

In a recent Quart Network presentation, Fosgard identifies the 3-step process to include:

  • Step 1 – Reinvent the Wheel
  • Step 2 – Drive Proactive Selling
  • Step 3 – Redesign Your CRM Use

Watch the full presentation for a more thorough look at how CRM can serve your sales team.