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Implementing a Revolutionary Procurement Transformation Programme

Fabio Meyer

Fabio Meyer

Former Chief Procurement Officer at CoopService

Nothing is permanent except change”. Heraclitus coined this phrase over two millennia ago, showcasing how transformation is vital and unavoidable. Coopservice has transformed their entire procurement process, from creating thousands of new workflows to doubling their procurement team and ensured change was at heart of their new ways of working. 

Fabio Meyer, the former Chief Procurement Officer at Coopservice noted that the company experienced significant growth and in turn wanted to manage their procurement spend. As a result, the objective of the project was to build a centralised and efficient Procurement Office.  

Summarising the project, Fabio starts by stating “when you need to build a central procurement office, you need role segregation, certificates and internal procedures and a more robust reporting structure.” This isn’t easy and, in most cases, Coopservice found themselves looking into several functions, each one with a complex history of processes and unique ways of working.  

From the initial phase of consolidating their spend, to having complete oversight on purchases, the new function has allowed for Coopservice to manage their spend and the wider benefits are paramount. 

“Education is a mission more than a job, it’s very hard moving people away from their comfort zone”.  

The 3 year project did not come with significant training and education to the wider procurement team. The team were hyper focused and broke down lots of the challenges they faced. They came away with benefits such as  

  • Supply scouting 
  • Daily and strategic sourcing  
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Teamwork 
  • Negotiation strategies 

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