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Reimagining Learning and Development

Maria Gonidi

Maria Gonidi

HR Director for Central-Eastern Europe at Coca Cola

Learning and development is still a top priority for HR leaders around the globe. While the days of physical training might not be totally behind us, sweeping changes need to occur to improve learning experiences for employees.  

Quartz UK spoke to Maria Gonidi, HR Director for Central-Eastern Europe at Coca-Cola, who outlined how to reimagine the way you can upskill your employees.  

Reimagine, Redesign and Reimplement 

“I like the word reimagine,” Maria says, “It’s great but we need to go further. We need to redesign and reimplement as well”. As the global business landscape experiences wholesale changes, L&D teams must adapt to create improved learning journeys for employees.  

Maria outlined some of the changes that need to happen. “First, there’s the move from physical to digital but we must also look at other changes.” Maria explains that mindsets need to shift from a “knowing to a learning” and from “teaching to a coaching” with leaders at the centre of the process. “All of this contributes to a blended learning experience” which is crucial for L&D initiatives to succeed.  

Career Journeys Should Be Personalised 

L&D leaders need to personalise the programmes as well and let employees know that it’s acceptable to have different career journeys. “Career journeys shouldn’t be rigid, they should be more like google maps!” Maria explains.  

The first thing you need to do is review three things: technology, content and experience. “Your technology has to fit your needs. You can’t repurpose your physical content for a digital experience. 3 consecutive days of digital learning doesn’t work! The experience also has to be interactive so create Q&A’s, polls and breakout rooms so people can get involved. Finally, build networks so employees can share their knowledge with others and become coaches themselves”.  

Employees should be able to choose when and where they study, what topics they want to focus on, what channels and resources they use and who their coach is. Principally, organisations must allow employees to choose why they’re engaging with L&D; improving on a role-critical skill, following a passion or perhaps a prerequisite for a promotion.  

The HR function needs to support on this as part of the overall employee experience. With a quarter of UK workers currently considering their options, this could become a key component of your retention strategy.  

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