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Start Up to Scale Up Strategy

Georgina Owens

Georgina Owens

Chief Technology Officer at Liberis

Georgina Owens, Chief Technology Officer, Liberis

Georgina Owens, Chief Technology Officer, Liberis 

The move from testing a concept to scaling it and growing it into a profitable business is an extremely exciting step. It means that your idea is fulfilling a gap in the market and that there are bigger opportunities ahead. We caught up with Georgina Owens, the Chief Technology Officer at Liberis, to discuss transformation from a start up to scale up strategy whilst increasing employee engagement and enablement.  

Georgina joined Liberis in August as the CTO to navigate their engineering team through the company’s rapid expansion and onboarding of new partners. Her award-winning experience will take their heavily invested scaling efforts to the next level.  

So, What Are the Differences Between a Start Up and Scale Up Strategy? 

Start ups have a real ‘buzz’ of energy about them. They require a certain type of person to be involved with the process who thrive of the adrenaline and can respond quickly within a fairly lose structured environment. This is only sustainable for a short amount of time. You have tested your idea and now you need to start thinking more formally and look at bigger business goals and aspirations.  

When compared to an organisation, the person with the original idea is rarely scaling up with the project as it is a unique way of working. Those who enjoy the buzz do not necessarily enjoy the formality of reporting on metrics and process and so they step down to a more advisory role. 

“It is really important that if you are responsible for driving change that you are aware of the things that will happen to the people you are working and interacting with” 

Georgina Owens, Chief Technology Officer, Liberis 

Challenges of Scaling and How to Overcome? 

  • Need to be brutally honest with yourself. Knowing if your idea was any good, when to change it and hope there was enough of a base to pivot and adapt. 
  • Ensure that as you move to the next stage you do not become siloed in your approach. You need a strong leadership. You may have had the original idea but it is important to know when you are not the right person. It’s likely you need to work with someone who is more operational who can drive this forward.

How to Be 1 Step Ahead Without the Power or Hindsight

  • You NEED to ask other people. If you’re cautious about doing so, talk about the stage you are at rather than the idea. 
  • Build a peer network, share ideas, and reassure others. 
  • Find people who have been there and done it and use them as a sort of ‘mentor’.
  • Top Tip– when you start adding people, think about the dynamics. If someone is the wrong person get rid of them quickly.

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