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Successful Data Projects Begin with Team Alignment

Quartz Editorial Team

Quartz Editorial Team

Breaking Through the Data Ceiling

Recently, Poshmark’s VP of Marketing Analytics, Ankur Uttam, joined Quartz Network to share his foundational blocks for successful data projects.

He explains that when deciding where to focus energy, professionals must balance their efforts equally on the solution and the outcome. Fostering new ideas and innovation is just as important. 

The process begins with idea generation and continues until a final business outcome is successfully achieved.  

Ideas are formed through neural brain connections coming from your hunches, thoughts, and intuition. You can evolve those ideas by putting more thought into them. Once you have identified a few good ideas, it’s time to run them by leadership for approval of the project.

Understanding each person’s motivation and rewarding accordingly is very important.

Ankur Uttam, VP of Marketing Analytics at Poshmark

Consider the following when drafting a proposal:

  1. Develop a business case – What is the problem area this addresses?
  2. Identify KPI – How does your proposal move the KPI?
  3. Establish a plan – How is the project executed and what is the ROI?

After establishing these basics, you can move on to “Nemawashi.”

“The literal meaning is preparing the roots for transplanting.” Uttam explained. “In the professional and organizational setup, it is commonly dubbed as ‘the meetings before the meeting.’”

You want to use this time to proactively communicate and get everyone onboard with the project before moving on to designing the solution. 

“A lot of solutions are never implemented because they fail to correctly address the business questions on hand,” Uttam said.

Watch the presentation, Breaking Through the Data Ceiling, for tips towards achieving a successful project by moving through the translation and analysis phase to make sure projects are executed properly.