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Technology Isn’t Enough

Quartz Network - CIO & CISO Visions

Quartz Network - CIO & CISO Visions

Despite organisations upping their security budgets, to keep up with challenges new technology brings and adopting advanced defences, the number of breaches continue to grow in number and sophistication. Does that mean technology isn’t enough?

According to a study by IBM, human error is the main cause of 95% of cyber security breaches. Simply put, if human error was miraculously eliminated, 19 out of 20 breaches may never have happened!

Within a security context, human error equates to unintentional actions or lack of action by employees. These can cause any amount of things, but most concerning they can spread or allow a security breach to occur.

So why does human error cause so many breaches and what can be done to address it? Why have prior attempts failed?


Stuart Golding, Chief Information Security Officer (Interim), WHSmith

About Stuart

With over 35 years of industry insight Stuart is a reputable senior leader within the information security industry with a proven history of success in pioneering and driving high-level strategies to ensure compliance with multiple standards and regulations, strategic direction for protecting sensitive and confidential data and delivering security risk reduction programmes.


Robert Kerssies, Chief Information Security Officer, Cycloon

About Robert

With a passion for diversity and inclusion, Robert will draw upon his plethora of experience and bring in a unique voice of how best adapt cyber security training programmes to work environment that supports equal opportunities and those who are neurodiverse.


Lee Whatford, Chief Information Security Officer, Dominos

About Lee

Lee has more than two decades of experience in strategic, operational, advisory and technical leadership riles for blue-chip organisations across multiple sectors. He is responsible for ensuring secure and resilient capabilities for one of the worlds leading digital platforms which process over £1.5 billion in orders each year.

Our panel will dive into human error and as a leader what you can do to improve employee cyber behaviour.

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