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The Strategic Power of the Creator in Marketing Campaigns

Lisa Batty

Lisa Batty

Head of Brand Stategy at Tik Tok

Lisa Batty, Head of Brand Strategy at Tik Tok joined us for the Connect: CMO Leadership Summit this March at Twickenham Stadium. 

‘The creator is the future’ explains Lisa, speaking of those who many of us have previously referred to as influencers.  

What is apparent, is how meaningful the video- sharing platform actually is to Batty, who joined Tik Tok just over two years ago.   

‘It’s a space for the underdog, for people who wouldn’t have traditionally been considered trendsetters or market leaders’.  She then went on to share case studies on a number of influencers and their major brand marketing campaigns, such as @francis_bourgeouis43 and @selfloveliv. 

Francis, an autistic 20-something year old man with a charming love for trainspotting has been catapulted into the spotlight after going viral with his videos of him getting very excited at passing trains.  With the likes of Gucci and Tom Ford sponsoring him and having him walk their runways, this is the story of how a ‘normal’ young man who has struggled with social interactions and ‘how to fit in’, has somehow become the nations sweetheart, by doing the exact opposite.   It’s stories like this that really warm the cockles. 

Liv, who describes herself as ‘your own personal cheerleader’, is a mental health, self-love, and confidence advocate.  She, herself has been on a long recovery journey with self-harm, bulimia and psychosis and uses her platform to send hope and love to others on the same painful path. Liv has candidly shared about her struggles her growing body with body acceptance and with hundreds of thousands of followers, it’s safe to safe she is celebrated for being unapologetically herself- something we could all learn from. 

Batty believes ‘creator marketing is only set to explode further’, with brands of all sizes, genres and niches being able to monetize from the strategy.  On average, global brands that have worked with creators can expect their returns on average to increase by around 300%.  This demonstrates the sheer necessity of trust, authenticity, and purpose in marketing campaigns- something that top influencers pride themselves on these days.   

Along with many feel good takeaways from Tik Tok’s session at the CONNECT CMO Leadership Summit, what was clear is that both Tik Tok and Influencer Marketing are very much here to stay!