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Top Marketing Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

Quartz Editorial Team

Quartz Editorial Team

Leading Marketing Sales Teams - The Pandemic Take Away

Fabio Vitali is the VP of Marketing at Sofidel, a leading worldwide manufacturer of tissue paper. The pandemic has presented its fair share of challenges for Sofidel, but Vitali prefers to focus on the learning opportunities.

In a recent Quartz Network presentation, Vitali shared his key takeaways from the pandemic and how he used them to improve the way his team operates. 

Working From Home During Pandemic Has Benefits

When the work-from-home order came in March 2020, Vitali initially struggled with the sudden change. But it didn’t take long to find some silver linings. 

Vitaly quickly noticed a number of unexpected positive effects at his company, including:

  • Less dead time in the workday by removing commutes
  • Increased efficiency when working remotely
  • Marketing roles focused more on the needs of accounts
  • Digitalization and trade roles became more crucial

Furthermore, Vitali noticed increased flexibility among the team as a result of working from home. He also noticed his colleagues gain a greater sense of empathy for one another throughout the challenging times.

However, there were certainly a few initial struggles relating to these changes. Some colleagues battled with feelings of confusion from shifting to a new at-home work environment. Others had to learn to manage distractions and develop self-management skills to adapt to their new remote workspace.

Marketing, Sales & HR Find Success through Remote Work

For Vitali, the remote work brought a new synergy between the sales and marketing teams. With less in-person time for the sales team to meet with customers, the marketing team rose to the occasion and offered more support with account-based marketing. 

“This is very important,” Vitali said. “This is really like moving away from the transactional type of sales process into a more compelling solution-based process.”

Since March 2020, many companies have also changed their hiring outlook. HR teams are now taking into account what future employees want from their jobs. They’ve found that a flexible work schedule and a diverse environment are both major priorities for prospective hires. 

Watch the presentation, Leading Marketing & Sales Teams: The Pandemic Takeaway, for more ways the pandemic has brought positive changes to the workplace.