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How to Adapt to Changing Workplace

Quartz Editorial Team

Quartz Editorial Team

Building Forward with Confidence

There’s no reference manual or established game plan for returning to work in a pandemic. 

Gary Sorrentino, Global Deputy CIO at Zoom, thinks companies should lead with empathy when forging their path forward.

In a recent Quartz Network presentation, he shared how being supportive and thinking outside the box helps build trust with a changing workforce. The key is finding ways to adapt to changing workplaces.

Many people now prefer working from the comfort of their home and feel more productive using technology to connect remotely. And that’s not a bad thing.

Flexibility is the Future

Sorrentino believes companies should be able to take a step back to say, “Let’s figure this out and let’s constantly be able to adapt.”

The pandemic has changed the future of work; as a result many different work styles have emerged. Companies should trust their employees and accommodate a work-from-anywhere model, as well as a hybrid approach. 

“With this new workforce, they want radical flexibility,” Sorrentino explained. “That’s something companies aren’t used to.” 

There’s not a “One size fits all approach” either. 

CIO’s need to learn to support workers who are using technology in new ways. This means adapting to different hardware and software needs while working from home.

Ways to Adapt to Changing Workplace

Treating employees with empathy is equally important. After so much time adapting to a new normal during the pandemic, video collaboration has played a big role in keeping everyone connected. 

Some workers even prefer Zoom meetings over that awkward struggle to find a chair in a crowded conference room.

Offices can take on a new purpose as a gathering place for all-hands meetings or a nice spot to invite clients for in-person collaboration. 

The nature of work has changed so much since the pandemic began. Now it’s up to employers to take a thoughtful approach to support this diverse workforce.

“Happy people can stay connected and collaborative from anywhere now.”

Watch the presentation for three pillars of guidance to build a positive and collaborative workplace of the future while you adapt to a changing workplace.