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Information Technology
A look into how psychological theories of behaviour can be applied in an organisation to improve their cybersecurity strategy.
Information Technology
Why Diversity and Inclusion Should be a Top Priority
Quartz Network - CIO & CISO VISIONS
Information Technology
Do Potential Risks of Digital Transformation Keep You Up at Night?
Jason Maude
Chief Technology Advocate at Starling Bank
Information Technology
Reduce Human Error for a Resilient Organisation
Victoria Van- Roosmalen
CISO at Coosto
Information Technology
Preparing for Geo-Political Tension
Sabrina Berko
Conference Producer at CIO & CISO VISIONS | UK
Information Technology
Proven Strategies to Combat Ransomware Attacks
Allen Ohanian
Chief Information Security Officer at Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services
Information Technology
Third-Party Risk Management: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
David Levine
Vice President of Corporate and Information Security at Ricoh, USA
Information Technology
How to Identify, Acquire, and Retain Top Cybersecurity Talent
Andrew Nuxoll
Sr. Director of Infrastructure, Operations, and Cybersecurity at UNICEF USA
Information Technology
Master Effective Risk Mitigation Strategies
Vaughn Alliton
SMD, Head of Technology, Risk and Compliance at TIAA

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