Benchmarking that moves the needle

Our approach to Benchmarking helps you set higher standards for your department.

Measure your performance against better data

Benchmarking is essential to staying on the forefront of innovation, but the data out there is typically outdated and its origin is either unclear or unfocused. By generating data from our Community, we deliver information cut from a higher caliber cloth. You goal is to improve and impress, so measure yourself against others doing the same.

Use interactive tools to dig deeper

Standard benchmarking reports only tell one story. What’s more important is crafting the narratives that push your performance further. Using our interactive tools, you can reveal correlations for yourself and truly understand what it looks like to put an actionable foot forward.

Make informed investments

We ask the questions that matter and find the data that no one else has. By focusing on strategic indicators like investment trends and KPIs, you can understand the priorities that will light your path to profitability.

Find the Community that serves you


CFOs, CAOs, SVPs, VPs, Controllers & Directors of Finance.

Human Resources

CHROs, CLOs, SVPs, VPs, Directors of HR, Talent, Diversity & Benefits.

Information Technology

CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, SVPs, VPs & IT Directors.

Manufacturing Operations

CEOs, COOs, SVPs, VPs, Directors & Sr. Managers in Manufacturing Ops.


CMOs, SVPs, VPs, Directors of Marketing & Marketing Operations.


CPOs, SVPs, VPs & Directors of Procurement.

Research & Development

COOs, SVPs, VPs, Directors & Sr. Managers in Engineering & Development.

Supply Chain

COOs, SVPs, VPs, Directors & Sr. Managers in Supply Chain, Logistics & Distribution.

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