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Meet Britt Erler:
VP, Content & Executive Correspondent

Britt Erler is a seasoned professional in the realm of content creation and executive correspondence, currently serving as the Vice President of Content & Executive Correspondent at Quartz Network. With an impressive portfolio of interviews featuring distinguished senior-level executives from global powerhouses such as Google, CNN, Zoom, AT&T, PepsiCo, and McDonald's, Britt possesses an unparalleled ability to capture the essence of these industry leaders.

Armed with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism and extensive on-camera experience, Britt seamlessly blends her expertise in digital marketing, sales, engagement, and content creation to deliver captivating and insightful interviews. Her remarkable journey has taken her across various international business hubs, including Los Angeles, New York, Germany, Italy, Miami, Switzerland, Austria, and the Philippines, enriching her understanding of diverse corporate landscapes.

Britt's interview approach goes beyond the surface, as she firmly believes in establishing genuine connections with her interviewees. By delving into the personal stories that shape these executives' professional journeys, she uncovers a comprehensive view of their challenges and triumphs, painting a vivid portrait of their exceptional leadership.

If you aspire to be part of the distinguished lineup of executives interviewed by Britt, we invite you to take this extraordinary opportunity and apply here. Discover firsthand how her exceptional interviewing skills can showcase your unique story and contribute to the creation of truly compelling content.

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