Acoustic is an independent marketing cloud and digital experience solutions provider that offers an open, B2C, omnichannel marketing automation platform that enables exceptional customer experiences across digital channels including email, mobile, SMS, social media, and more. The Acoustic Marketing Cloud delivers over 122 billion personalized messages annually for an international client base, including Fortune 500 companies. It offers an integrated suite of CX solutions that include digital marketing, marketing analytics, content management, personalization, mobile marketing, and omnichannel marketing automation. Tealeaf by Acoustic provides customer experience insights that enable teams to quickly identify, recreate, diagnose, prioritize, and fix customer experience friction in real-time. DemandTec by Acoustic is an AI-automated lifecycle pricing solution that helps retailers to deliver optimal everyday pricing, promotions, and markdowns across all retail channels.

Products & Services

  • Customer journey Orchestration.
  • Fraud identification and prevention.

Industries Served

  • Automotive
  • Banking and Financial
  • Consumer Products
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Food and Beverage
  • Government
  • Hospitality and Travel
  • Industrial
  • Insurance Logistics

Client Testimonials

“We were able to analyse and quantify the real impact of the obstacles encountered, which has allowed us to make efficient use of resources when prioritising the initiatives to improve conversion. This helped our team do things better than before by enabling us to detect anomalies on the website well in advance and to react quickly. At the same time, we can demonstrate with real data how the actions carried out on the website are working. We can inform different departments within the company about what is happening on the website — in particular, when architectural errors occur.”

“Campaign can deliver high-level personalized campaigns for us in a reliable way, which we really like. We can plug in complex automation and algorithms, and it utilises that data. We find it really consistent for getting personalized campaigns built and in front of the customers quickly and efficiently.”

“We’re communicating with customers in multiple countries, across different time zones and with a lot of cultural differences. It’s extremely important that our email communications are relevant and that we tailor our offerings and messages to each customer. The key reason for choosing Campaign was its ability to support scale.”