Rated #1 for Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Use Case in the 2021 Gartner “Critical Capabilities for Cloud AI Developer Services”, Aible is the only enterprise AI solution that guarantees impact in one month. Leading organizations rely on Aible to solve challenges around customer acquisition and retention, demand prediction, marketing optimization, collections effectiveness, and more. The solution meets CIO, CDO, and business teams wherever they are on their AI journey – from AI- readiness to data exploration with augmented analytics, to driving impact with optimized recommendations in end-user applications.
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Products & Services

Aible Sense: With zero upfront effort, automatically structure your data for AI training, perform data prep and enrichment and evaluate your data for AI-readiness, allowing your teams to leverage the data you have today to generate impactful recommendations.

Aible Explore: Leverage guided data exploration and augmented analytics that helps business users visually understand business drivers, uncover root causes, and identify contextual insights in minutes.

Aible Optimize: Drive impact by aligning your strategy with tactical decisions at all levels via optimal recommendations and predictions in business applications, all within 30 days.

Industries Served

  • Technology, SaaS
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Higher Education
  • Government
  • Professional Services

Clients Include

  • Lengow
  • Strive Group
  • NCR
  • Merrow Manufacturing
  • Several Fortune 500 companies

Client Testimonials

– Link to Gartner Peer Insight Customer Reviews of Aible

“I could see our CMO running strategic scenarios with next to zero support from Data Science and IT. The cloud setup is easy. The front end is intuitive. Overall, a phenomenal experience mining insight.”

– $10B - $30B retailer

“Approachability for non-data savvy users. Quick turnaround to get results instead of waiting for days/weeks”.

– $10 - 30B bank