Alva Labs

Evaluating a candidate in a recruitment process is difficult. Even more so, when you have 100 candidates for one position.


At Alva Labs, we are committed to making candidate assessment better for everyone. By combining AI and machine learning with established science and research, we have created a platform for psychometric testing that all recruiters can use. Save time in the screening process, while also ensuring all candidates get a fair chance. Remove bias, open up for diversity and most importantly – base your hiring decisions on objective data that actually predict success on the job.

Client Testimonials

“Our Stockolm team was onboarded on to Alva within a few days. Because the platform is intuitive, we didn’t conduct complicated training. We can now objectively and accurately measure the potential of candidates and there has been a noticeable jump in quality of candidates we’re interviewing.”

– Per Thunberg, Head of Talent Acquisition, Zound Industries

“Alva Labs has made hiring easier for us in multiple ways! We have good confidence that the whole product is based on evidence. The mechanic weighting of all the data and the setup with test profiles is brilliant. It makes the decision about what candidates to move forward within the process a lot easier.”

– Marie Larsson, Production Administrator, Arla