Applied is the essential platform for debiased hiring.

By anonymizing applications, leveraging a skills-based methodology, and building transparency & analytics into every step of the process, our platform identifies vital talent that would have otherwise been overlooked.

When organizations transform the way they hire, they not only discover the very best candidates, they help usher in a world where everyone feels a sense of inclusion, equity, and belonging.

Hire with purpose, supported by science.

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Products & Services

  • An intuitive platform, rich with analytics. Applied is based on years of research and behavioural science, allowing you manage your hiring process end to end confidently, ethically and efficiently. Across 10,000 hires and 400,000 applications we see retention increase 24%, 50% increase in female hires, 3x more non-white candidates hired, and candidate satisfaction ratings at 9/10 (even after being rejected!)
  • Job Description Analysis Tool – Craft engaging, gender neutral job descriptions that help attract the best talent Our gender decoder tool for job ads will identify examples of biased language and suggest alternative wording. Up to 15% more female applicants just by changing a few words.

Industries Served

  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Consumer
  • Pharma/Life Sciences
  • Healthcare
  • Tech
  • Non-Profit
  • Public
  • Publishing
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • Education

Clients Include

  • Habito - Series C Tech business
  • Blackbird - VC
  • Eve Sleep - Consumer
  • LEK - Consulting
  • CIL - Consulting
  • Asos - Retail
  • Penguin Random House - Publishing
  • HM Government - Public
  • Unicef - Non Profit
  • Comic Relief - Non Profit

Client Testimonials

“We started using Applied to recruit for our internship programme, but on experiencing the radically different (and exponentially more enjoyable) process, we have started creating all of our roles on Applied. With tailored assessment criteria and blind review baked into the platform, finding people with the right aptitude as well as experience is seriously fast-tracked”

– Charlotte Hillenbrand, Director, Made by Many

“Not only did Applied remove the paper CV sift, it saved us huge amounts of time. It also enabled us to attract and select candidates from diverse, non-sport backgrounds who were perfect for this role.”

– Rosie Ranganathan, People Director, ECB

“We’ve loved the experience with Applied. It can be really tricky to handle high volumes like we get in the scheme. Applied’s simple process and scoring system allowed us to shortlist in an easy, totally objective way. As a result, we’ve met with some brilliant candidates outside of our industry and hired excellent people”

– Ellie Harlow, Resourcing Manager, Penguin Random House