Benekiva is a powerful low-code, no-code claims and servicing platform that delivers complete end-to-end processing, automating the experience for the claimants, associates, and all involved.

Products & Services

  • Benekiva delivers next-gen claims. From policy management to beneficiary pay out, Benekiva propels claims and service into the 21st century by facilitating 24/7 claims and servicing capabilities.
  • Benekiva’s exceptional servicing platform enables carriers to exceed rising customer expectations with self-service capabilities that give users the ability to choose between traditional and digital options.
  • Benekiva turns the claims disbursement process into a new business opportunity for carriers to turn claimants into clients.

Industries Served

  • Life
  • Annuity
  • Health
  • P&C Insurance

Clients Include

  • 6 Tier 1 Clients

Client Testimonials

Our customers reduce NIGO rates from 47% to 0%.

Some clients now transact up to 20% of business after hours.

Many of our customers see on average, 40% increase the claims efficiencies, staff capacity, policy issue counts and claims processed volumes.

Benekiva optimize interest calculations, creating on average savings of 40 hours per week.

Benekiva has created a 75% reduction in cycle and process time [2:20 add in the following text in red] for our clients.