Headquartered in an innovation hub in Basingstoke, UK, Censornet gives mid-market organisations the confidence and control of enterprise-grade cyber protection. Its Autonomous Integrated Cloud Security platform integrates attack intel across email, web, and cloud to ensure cyber defences react at lightning speed.

For its millions of users globally, its AI-driven, autonomous solution is smarter, faster, and safer than is humanly possible. It’s supported by an award-winning team of customer support specialists.

Censornet’s clients include Fever Tree, Radius Payments, NewLife Disabled Children’s Charity, National Portrait Gallery, Hallmark Hotels and Thatchers Cider. It was named Cloud Security Product of the Year (SME) at the Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2021.

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Products & Services

Our Autonomous Integrated Cloud Security uses strategic machine learning to identify and stop threats that enter an organisation by email, web or cloud or from a multi-channel cyberattack. This means that your company is automatically protected against cyber attacks, no matter the time of day or night.

Industries Served

  • Our Autonomous Integrated Cloud Security platform is sector agnostic, enabling all SMEs and mid-sized organisations to benefit from enterprise-grade protection.

Clients Include

  • Fever Tree
  • Essar
  • KPN
  • Lotus
  • Covea Insurance
  • Mizuno
  • Thatchers
  • Sanne
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay

Client Testimonials

“The support has been second to none – someone is always available for an online chat and will always stick around until an issue is resolved. Censornet is lightweight in management yet robust in its offerings. The solution provides us with a level of security over and above that which other well-known brands could provide and is much less complicated to use. And as we continue to grow as a business, we know that the Censornet system will grow with us.”

– Thatchers, Hamish Ross, Senior IT Engineer

“Securely delivering global content was always a challenge. With Censornet’ cloud controls and web security, we’ve been able to quickly and easily deploy a cost-effective, widely accessible and, most importantly, extremely secure way to address this.”

– Radius, Jim Dent, Head of Infrastructure

“While the Cyber Essentials certification is fantastic, the most important benefit to us from Censornet is the peace of mind that our data is safe. We are able to do far more than before to prevent attacks and have greater insights that mean we are able to better investigate if we do find something suspicious. It’s definitely one of the best software-purchasing decisions we have made”

– National Portrait Gallery, Nicky Dowland, Head of Information Technology