For companies that want to manage their security posture against the evolving threat landscape: Cymulate SaaS-based Extended Security Posture Management (XSPM) deploys within an hour, enabling security professionals to continuously challenge, validate and optimize their cyber-security posture end-to-end across the MITRE ATT&CK® framework. The platform provides out-of-the-box, expert, and threat intelligence-led risk assessments that are simple to deploy and use for all maturity levels, and constantly updated. It also provides an open framework to create and automate red and purple teaming by generating penetration scenarios and advanced attack campaigns tailored to their unique environments and security policies. Cymulate allows professionals to manage, know and control their dynamic environment.

Products & Services

  • In-depth validation – By mimicking the myriad of strategies and tools attackers deploy, the platform challenges your company’s security controls with thousands of simulated attacks. This comprehensive validation assesses your company’s true preparedness to handle cybersecurity threats effectively.
  • End to end validation – Cymulate validates your security posture across the full attack kill chain: Reconnaissance, initial foothold, execution, command and control, lateral movement, and action on objective. It combines assessments of outside-in reconnaissance, security awareness, infrastructure resilience and security control validation in one platform.
  • Third party security rating – Cymulate Recon provides continuous and quantitative technical analysis and scoring for public-facing digital assets. It also discovers organizational and credential intelligence that a hacker can use in an attack. It enables you to measure, track and manage the external risks of your company and the indirect risks created through its digital business ecosystem. End-to-end third party assessment is possible by combining security control validation with Recon.
  • Outcomes and reports – After every assessment, an executive report is generated. It scores the outcome of the assessment, summarizes the results, and provides high level countermeasure recommendations. The executive report also compares the score to previous assessments and to the score of industry peers. A technical report is also generated. It provides a description of each individual test or finding together with a risk level and actionable remediation guidance.
  • Security Scoring – Cymulate security scoring provides a measurement of your company’s security posture and the effectiveness of its security controls. The scoring system enables you to track and improve your security posture in addition to rationalizing security spend and the allocation of resources. The score is calculated using industry-recognized standards; the NIST Risk Management Framework, CSVSS v3.0 Calculator, Microsoft’s DREAD and the MITRE ATT&CK™ Framework.
  • Attack customization – You can create and launch your own attack scenarios with simple to use templates that leverage the rich library of attack commands, malware and adversarial tactics and techniques, mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
  • Integration partners – Cymulate integrates with various technology partners to augment existing security testing programs by correlating simulated attacks to their findings. These integrations enable you to validate and improve EDR and SOC detect and respond capabilities. Additionally, integration with vulnerability management systems provides attack context to vulnerabilities to prioritize remediation and patching efforts.

Industries Served

  • All

Clients Include

  • Euronext
  • Quilter
  • YX-Norge
  • SolarEdge
  • YMCA

Client Testimonials

“As Euronext’s cybersecurity team, we know that cybersecurity is always a work in progress. Cymulate allows us to fill a gap that for a long time was not closed directly, but only indirectly with other security controls. We recommend anyone looking for a breach and attack simulation platform to turn to Cymulate.”

– Jorge Ruão, Head of Security Operations, Euronext

“Cymulate facilitates data driven conversations at both the operations and business level. We can quantify the risk of doing business, justify compensating controls that reduce the risk levels and validate their effectiveness.”

– Dan Baylis, Group Security Operations Manager, Quilter

“We rely heavily in security service providers (SSPs) and technology to protect our company. In the past we assumed that we were protected, but in reality, our assumptions were incorrect. Cymulate enables us to collaborate with our SSPs to improve our security, and they have embraced this because it improves the services they provide to all their customers.”

– Rene Francis Lares, IT Manager, YX Norge