eClerx Digital is the extended digital and marketing services partner of several technology, OEM, electronics, MRO, banking, retail, travel, and consumer brands globally for the past 20 years.   Our clients rely on us for a combination of business and technical expertise to operationalize their account-based marketing, campaign delivery, marketing automation, customer analytics, CRM data management, and creative and content production activities at speed and scale.
Our SMEs, developers, and consultants are based both offshore in India and locally based in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, US, Singapore, Philippines Thailand.  We help over 200 client partners globally to maximize top-line or bottom-line metrics from their content marketing or CRM initiatives.  This can be leveraging Adobe, Oracle, Magento, Aprimo, SAP Hybris, Salesforce, Informatica, IBM or any major technologies across their customer touchpoints, or utilising our proprietary ML analytics, RPA or chatbot tools to deliver more bespoke solutions.

Products & Services

  • Master Data Management: Many of our clients rely on our master data management expertise for their customer data, connecting up multiple silos and providing more robust and enriched CRM data for lead generation activities
  • Customer Analytics: With the right data foundations established, many clients engage our SMEs to build their retention, customer lifetime value, propensity, marketing attribution, spend optimisation, lead scoring and personalisation targeting modelling programs
  • Campaign Management: We offer business, technical and operational team members who can work as your extended campaign delivery team globally, whether to optimise your current Marketo implementation, build audiences, testing and execution end-to-end
  • Creative and Content: Through a combination of offshore and locally based creative, design and content production teams, we deliver a range of CGI, photography, video, asset localisation, digital asset management and syndication services for our clients
  • Digital Shelf Analytics: Our clients rely on us to offer a 360-degree view, combining an external market intelligence and own customer data, to better measure product content performance, campaign effectiveness, pricing and compliance
  • Proprietary Technologies: Whether as part of solutions developed with our clients or stand-alone propositions, eClerx employs its own analytics, RPA, and bot SaaS technologies which are fast to deploy, scalable, and customisable to your requirements

Industries Served

  • Software
  • Pharma and Medical
  • Financial & Banking
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • White Goods and Appliances
  • Fashion & Consumer Brands
  • Utilities and Telco
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Marketplaces

Clients Include

  • Grainger
  • RS Components
  • Arco
  • Autodesk
  • PayPal
  • Uber
  • Sky
  • M&S
  • Walgreens Boots

Client Testimonials

“We partnered with eClerx Digital to help us streamline our product offer, taking a data-driven approach to removing, adding, retaining and improving the assortment of SKUs based on demand.  Their ability to quickly formulate an analytics framework to address the problem at hand, bringing data science and technology to develop a scalable solution, enabled our category teams to spend less time trawling through data, and more time strategising their range mix according to customer needs.”

– RS Components

“We had been scraping competitive data for many years with a third party vendor, we needed to move to the next level and were looking for someone who could consistently deliver the information, improve our match rates and look at new methods to improve the whole process. We also wanted to work with them to enrich the data sets we were collecting and improve our understanding and value of the data we had.  eClerx ticked all those boxes and more.”

– Group Data Analytics & Pricing, Global Electronics & MRO

“Thomas Cook has a longstanding and successful partnership with eClerx. The eClerx team form part of our revenue management solution and continue to help us improve business insights and strengthen the quality of pricing decisions.”

– Head of Commercial, Thomas Cook subsidiary