eINS.tech AG

eINS.tech AG is a Swiss technology company with headquarters in Zug, near Zurich, that holds all of the IP rights for the eINS.tech insurance platform. The company was created with the goal to globalize the technology and provides licenses for the right of use of the platform.

eINS.tech was founded at the end of 2016 by software entrepreneurs and C-level executives from the insurance industry who recognized the need for a change in the technology model in the insurance space and the huge potential of the eINS.tech platform which was acquired by the company.

eINS.tech AG works with a network of distribution and implementation partners and has a software development team based in the EU.

eINS.tech’s mission is to enable all insurance companies, independently from size and business line, to reward their customers and partners with a 100% online insurance process for all products and through all channels, while significantly reducing costs and cumbersome admin work.

Products & Services

eINS.tech – cutting-edge, end-to-end, web- and cloud-based information system allowing efficient launch, operations and administration of a 100% online, digital and automated insurance business;

Podium technology – an industry agnostic platform-building-platform enabling the efficient and fast development, deployment and maintenance of scalable, flexible, sophisticated IT solutions for custom needs



Industries Served

  • insurance industry
  • financial services industry

Client Testimonials

“Our insurance group has been using insurance technology solutions by eINS.tech since 2011 to manage portfolios, including term life and unit-linked policies. The system comprises all aspects and directions of the insurance process from product definition to financials, claims, and reporting. We have also completed two separate successful migrations of complex product portfolios from legacy solutions to the system.”

– Saglasie Life, Pensions and P&C Insurance Group

eINS.tech enabled us to create and launch a series of entirely new insurance products and launch an end-to-end, optimized insurance process not only directly to our end customers, but also to our intermediaries’ network, covering all aspects from policy issuing, mid-term adjustments, completely automated financial lifecycle, payment reconciliation, and claims management. The go-to-market took under 6 months. A system of a new generation.”


“We have been collaborating with the eINS.tech team since 2015. Our MedTech multi-platform integrated software solutions were developed on top of their platform-building-platform Podium and proved flexible, configurable and scalable. Especially important to us have always been the automatization and business process optimization Podium enabled thanks to its end-to-end platform approach and native connectivity to cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing and 3D scanning. Podium is ideal for any IT project facing complex challenges that aims to optimize, automate and modernize a particular business case”

– ProsFit, an EU-based manufacturer of medical devices