Enboarder is the first experience-driven onboarding platform. Enboarder empowers you to build and own amazing onboarding experiences that drive engagement, spark human connection and create moments that matter.

Build scalable human onboarding experiences that supercharge your business by boosting engagement, retention, productivity, employer brand and culture.

Enboarder is the only onboarding platform that empowers and coaches hiring managers, leading to improved employee experiences.

Products & Services

  • Deliver truly personalized onboarding journeys at scale
  • Wow your new hires with onboarding experiences that engage, excite, educate and connect
  • Coach and empower your hiring managers to become onboarding rockstar’s
  • Frictionless, seamless, mobile-first end user experience
  • Track and measure success and feedback with intelligent insights
  • Ensure engagement-led parental leave, crossboarding and offboarding

Industries Served

  • All

Clients Include

  • McDonald's
  • ING
  • Hugo Boss
  • Electronic Arts (not EA Games)
  • Deloitte
  • Eventbrite
  • BASF
  • TomTom
  • MoneySupermarket
  • Ogilvy

Client Testimonials

“Our managers have been impressed and have said they feel more supported. We have had comments from managers who have teams in multiple locations asking if we can use it across all of our sites!”

– Ryan Eastwood, People Coordinator, MoneySupermarket

“Enboarder let’s our great new recruits know that we’re thinking about them before they even start. Aside from the amazing employee experience, the fundamental awesomeness of Enboarder is how easy it is to use for everyone involved. Everyone in the HR industry needs to know about Enboarder!”

– Yu-Ann Chen, Head of people and Culture, Live Hire

“Our Enboarder program helps new employees feel comfortable from the moment they accept their offer by providing a more engaging experience that keeps them better informed. It enables us to share the company culture and create a connection between managers and new hires before day one. It also ensures consistency in our onboarding process, no matter the manager or team.”

– Hugo Boss Australia