Gaviti is an Account Receivable Automation Platform for collections teams that enables SMEs to get more of their invoices paid faster.
Our solution optimizes the complete collections process, from automating dunning emails to perfecting task management capabilities, such as forecasting, risk scoring, and actionable insight to enhance collections performance over time. We provide your in-house collections team with a centralized workspace.
Gaviti is ERP agnostic allowing any ERP to integrate in a matter of days, helping users to gain meaningful DSO improvement within one billing cycles.

Products & Services

  • Collection of process insights on all stakeholders
  • Automation and analysis of collection related interactions
  • Debtor Self-Service
  • Actionable suggestions to improve performance
  • Instant ERP integration
  • Cloud-based, web and mobile app
  • Payment forecasting
  • Real-time performance metrics

Industries Served

  • Manufacturing
  • Business Services
  • Technology
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • E-commerce

Clients Include

  • PWC
  • EY
  • Comsec
  • Wochit
  • Vernovis
  • Verdesian
  • Burchwood Group
  • Vital Source
  • CPrime

Client Testimonials

“Gaviti has been a key tool in ensuring our DSO has not only stopped increasing but also shown improvements over a relatively short period of time. The ease of use combined with a highly responsive and helpful team has enabled us to quickly implement a comprehensive and versatile collections process.”

– Benjamin Gross, Accounts Receivable,

“We’ve been able to get ahead of any invoicing issues, create new connections with our clients and establish meaningful relationships…a game-changer in getting invoices processed.”

– Valorie Gutzman, CFO, A Closer Look

“Since we started using Gaviti to automated our collections process, I no longer have to work 24/7 to remind our customers regarding their payment terms.”

– Brenda Weinberg Waks, Accounts Receivable Admin, WOCHIT