Monitaur Inc.

Monitaur helps you audit, track, and record real-time outcomes of your AI and ML algorithms for optimal performance and compliance. Our platform is designed to integrate with every team that touches your AI. From ML engineers, data scientists, compliance officers, and underwriters to executive decision-makers. We have a solution that fits and improves your business outcomes for AI and ML governance.

Products & Services

  • Keep your documentation, evidence, and governance all in one place, so regulators, auditors, and customers understand how your AI is making decisions and the implications of those decisions.
  • GovernML – Bring transparency and governance to AI/ML lifecycle management. GovernML consolidates model documentation, model governance, and evidence of governance in one central location enabling collaborative workflows between teams and departments.
  • RecordML – Understand every model decision. Log and version every incident. Reveal AI/ML model decision making, and provide transparency throughout your organization.
  • MoniterML – Detect drift and bias in your models. Identify model risks early, limiting the risk to business operations. Continuously monitor performance, security, and model decision-making.
  • AuditML – Empower objective review, verification, and accountability. Risk owners and non-technical users can find, review, and test your AI model decisions, while regulators can self-serve without exposing IP.

Industries Served

  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Technology Companies
  • Human Resources
  • Health and Life Sciences

Clients Include

  • Progressive