Myskillcamp makes your training more impactful.

How ?

  • Adaptive Learning : engage your learners with learning path specifically created for each of them
  •  Training Content : get access to over 300 000 courses from the global content providers (Coursera, Udemy, Linkedin Learning…) and local ones
  • On your LMS, or on our All-in-One award winning LXP
  • Full reports/analytics
  • No integration required

Go from “I provided training to 2000 people” to “I upskilled 2000 people from level 2 to level 3 in 3 months”, and have the data to back it up.

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Products & Services

  • Adaptive Learning
  • LMS
  • LXP
  • Integration with current LMS
  • Off-the-shelf content from key providers
  • Data/reports
  • Social Collaboration
  • Content Curation

Industries Served

  • The myskillcamp client base is broad, as we allow our platform to be used by any company or training organisation that wants to give their learners/employees the keys to their own learning journey.

Clients Include

  • Apside
  • Spa
  • Randstad
  • Red Cross
  • Thalys
  • Voo
  • France CPF
  • Decathlon
  • SodexoA

Client Testimonials

“For trainees, the platform is really easy to use. In our case, trainees completed their courses autonomously after a very short introduction. The customer service has been greatly appreciated to work efficiently. The tool allows a good follow-up of participants and it integrates a lot of features to allow interactions with them. We like to use the learning path so we control module progress and participant success.”

– Jean Luc Catarin, TECforLime

“We like to use Learning Paths so we can control participant progress and success. Great UX, collaboration features and evolution of the platform. Positive feedback from the team and learners. myskillcamp helped us save time on content creation and curation with its marketplace.”

– Mickael Desnos, Apside