On average, it’s estimated that up to 40% of web traffic is malicious bots. Websites, mobile apps and APIs are a prime target for bad bot activity. Without dedicated bot protection in place, attacks such as credential stuffing, scraping and scalping will succeed or go undetected.

Netacea Bot Management takes a new approach to bot detection, protecting customers, data, and infrastructure from the threats posed by sophisticated bots. Powered by machine learning, Netacea’s Intent Analytics ™ engine takes a multi-layer approach to provide an effective alternative to the traditional ‘black box’ or JavaScript-reliant solutions. We are a solution requiring no client-side changes, JavaScript or mobile SDK.

Key benefits:

  • Maximum accuracy and minimum false positive/negative rates of <0.001%
  • Low maintenance auto-detect technology backed by bot experts, ensuring no threat is missed
  • Seamless integration, without deploying changes to your applications or installing hardware.

Products & Services

  • Netacea Bot Management

Industries Served

  • Retail/eCommerce
  • eGaming
  • Gaming and Betting
  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • FinTech
  • Telecommunications

Clients Include

  • AllSaints
  • William Hill
  • ClearScore
  • Belami eCommerce
  • Top 5 global retailerTop 5 US retailer
  • Top 10 telecommunications company

Client Testimonials

“As a retailer operating in an omnichannel world, seamless user experience is crucial to the success of the business. We had seen indications of potential bot activity and, with cyber-attacks hitting the headlines every day, we refused to take any chances when it came to cybersecurity. After reviewing the market for bot mitigation providers, Netacea stood head and shoulders above the other players. The platform insights are valuable, the user interface is accessible, and the team has been incredibly supportive.”

– James Reid, Global Technology Director, AllSaints

“Netacea has worked closely with us to help us understand the bot challenges we were previously unaware of, enabling us to significantly reduce infrastructure costs and fraud losses.”

– Director of Operations, Top 3 Sports Betting Platform

“Netacea helped us successfully make the switch from reactive bot management to proactive identification and mitigation. Netacea has taken the pressure off our internal resources and we now feel confident that our customers’ accounts are no longer vulnerable to continual credential stuffing attacks.”

– Security Operations Manager, Top 5 Global Retailer