Pearson Workforce Skills takes the guesswork out of managing the skills your business needs now and in the future of work.

Our unique AI breaks down all your jobs into tasks, surfaces insights on emerging skills gaps and offers innovative talent solutions that enhance employee development and mobility.

We deliver an analysis-to-solution journey that assesses and certifies skills in your organisation, informs resourcing decisions with data-driven insights, measures potential with robust psychometrics, opens career paths and enables you to resolve your most critical skills gaps.

Our mission is to help enterprises to address current and coming skills gaps while helping individuals boost employability.

Our portfolio of talent solutions includes:

  • Digital skill credentials (Credly)
  • Psychometric assessments (TalentLens)
  • Workforce skills and predictive analytics software (Faethm AI)

Products & Services

  • Digital skill credentials
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Job Corridor: Surface reskilling potential
  • Future Capability Module: Understand skills demand
  • Technology Impact mapping
  • Technology investment scenario modelling
  • Economic scenario modelling
  • Remote working module gives visibility of reliance on site facilities or interactivity
  • Talent planning: Pre-empt talent needs earlier, facilitate internal mobility
  • L&D prioritisation: Insight on where to focus L&D for max business impact

Industries Served

  • All industries, both private and public sector globally
  • Government
  • Education
  • Consultancies
  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecoms
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Mining
  • Consumer goods
  • Engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals

Clients Include

  • Nestle
  • National Grid
  • Standard Chartered
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • NatWest Group
  • GHD
  • SunCorp
  • QBE Insurance
  • Anglo American
  • SKY

Client Testimonials

“SOSIE: Highly enriching for the Company, but also for the individual”

– For many years, the SNCF Mobilités Talent Management department has used SOSIE by TalentLens, a Pearson company, to identify and develop their internal talent.

“The biggest draw of digital credentials was having the verification and simplicity in sharing digital badges on social platforms. It has done a lot for our customers to showcase their talents.”

– Jessi Mielke, Certification Program Manager, Esri

“Our ambition at NatWest is to become a data-driven, relationship bank for a digital world. To do this, we need to develop the skills, behaviours and culture to excel in data and analytics if we’re to satisfy this ambition. That’s why we have been working with Faethm to implement a strategic workforce planning programme, which is designed to help us understand how roles at NatWest need to change to be fit for the future.

The programme allows us to analyse our existing workforce and identify how certain data-oriented roles we have today, including data engineers and data scientists, will be impacted by augmenting and automating technologies. Faethm has already been impactful because it’s given us direct insights into which capabilities and skills will be instrumental for our future growth, and where we have skills gaps that need addressing. What makes it so exciting is that it is fundamentally changing how we view skills and jobs as a business.

For example, we now develop learning interventions which are specifically designed to upskill, reskill and ‘cross-skill’ existing employees so they can expand their skillsets and incorporate skills we know will be required in the future. We’re also refining our hiring programme and tailoring our employee value proposition so we retain existing, valued employees while onboarding talent with the additional skills we need to satisfy our ambitions.

Adding that data-driven element to workforce planning and decision-making has been invaluable for us. We can now futureproof our workforce so we’re equipped with the right talent to achieve our goals, and most importantly, deliver day in, day out for our customers, both today and tomorrow.”

– Elaine Vaile, Leadership Talent and Future of Work, NatWest