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Noam is a knowledge aggregation and insights platform enabling situational awareness and efficiency for the proactive organization. We generate actionable business intelligence from the various data silos within an organization. It’s a web interface that forecasts, collates, and acts as a productivity multiplier. One customer using the Noam platform decreased time spent on tasks by 85%, another was able to achieve millions of dollars in savings. It consumes data from a variety of formats (documents, ERP systems, diagrams, spreadsheets, and more) and creates a structured representation of this data; offering insights in the following ways: integration across data sets, forecasting, standstill reduction, planning time reduction, and optimized process and maintenance management. Noam combines employees with machine intelligence for operational excellence that delivers real results with significant quantifiable value. Ask how we can drive millions in direct savings for your organization.

Products & Services

  • AI / ML
  • Data Analytics and Linking
  •  Insights Generation
  • Forecasting (maintenance, demand)
  • Knowledge Management
  • Unstructured and Enterprise Data
  • Hidden Pattern Discovery

Industries Served

  • Utility
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Defense

Clients Include

  • Wincanton (one of the largest logistics companies globally)
  • Wien Energie (largest utility in Austria)
  • Unnamed Defense Customer
  • Additional utility customers

Client Testimonials

“It works like magic, Noam saw the future and allowed us to plan effectively”

“In addition to time savings when searching for documents, it also raises the quality of work. Especially for new employees this is a game changer.”