Plexflo is an A.I.-powered pre-integrated platform designed for Electric Utilities to automate data gathering, maintaining digital twins, integrating data from including internal enterprise applications, sensor networks, operational systems – so that teams within Utilities and Organizations can focus on decision-making and building the clean energy future.

Products & Services

Plexflo is a single cloud-based platform, which has three apps:

1. Hypewatts – Short Term and Long Term Energy and Peak Forecasting, EV Growth Forecasting, DER Projections, Smart Meter AMI Data Segmentation, Customer Energy Efficiency Analytics, Integrations with ADMS and DERMS. Hypewatts’ use-cases include:
• Strategic short-term load forecasting using AMI data and integrating customer energy use-model
• Enhance long-term feeder-level electric load forecasting by tracking macro-trends at the micro-level – such as how policy leads to solar farm integration, and how it affects the operations of a local feeder.
• Hypewatts provides the essential analytics to better engage with customers, linking things like energy usage to build novel and personalized customer engagement solutions
• Help the customers adopt better energy efficiency strategies to lower their energy bills
• Develop high ROI strategies for improving customer participation for active energy management, secure customer device integration (VENs), customer automation programming (BAS/BMS).
• Drive heating electrification to reduce dependence on natural gas supply chains for vulnerable communities
• Hypewatts is powered by intuitive querying capabilities and can help answer questions like “How will EV charging impact Feeder 123?” This on-demand analytical capability is a must-have capability to monitor/manage uncertain demands and energy resources in the energy grid.

2. MetaCast – MetaCast is an integrated geo-spatial forecasting platform to estimate the growth and adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs) – such as ground-mounted solar and energy storage projects – across the utility’s operating jurisdiction. MetaCast’s use-cases include:
• Better Volt-VAR Optimization and Control
• Smart Meter Data analytics to understand customer EV charging behavior and create customer segments based on that.
• Customer Digital Transformation – Increase customers opting in to time-of-use pricing and responding to demand response signals.
• Design better Demand Response systems and EV charging incentives
• MetaCast helps utilities track where developers are building new solar farms and EV charging stations to leverage distributed energy resources, drive down capital expenses through peak shaving while reducing their carbon footprint

3. Route0 – Route0 is a planning platform to ensure grid resiliency and carbon neutrality for low-voltage and medium voltage grid customers via a combination of new technology and business models. Route0 is an Artificial-Intelligence powered energy forecasting and tracking platform for an enterprise’s carbon neutrality and renewable energy goals, across multiple regions. Route0 is aimed for large energy use organizations and companies to optimize their energy procurement practices accelerating their net neutrality goals. Plexflo has pre-built Machine Learning models to forecast deviations from Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) and carbon neutrality objectives, and thus by creating just-in-time alerts for decision makers – Route0 is an essential tool for meeting NetZero goals.

Route0’s use-cases include:
• Track sources of carbon emissions
• Green Audits to identify sources to improve building/infrastructure energy efficiency
• Calculate, record, and report direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2) emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.
When incorporated with other Plexflo offerings, Route0 can help utilities incorporate these solutions into their offerings

Industries Served

  • Electric Utilities
  • Hitachi Energy
  • SLAC Laboratory at Stanford University
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory