Sharpist, the leading digital coaching provider, drives the growth of organisations through personalised, results-driven leadership development programs.

Leaders from over 30 countries worldwide benefit from Sharpist’s 1:1 digital coaching sessions via its mobile app or the web. Their specific needs are matched with one of Sharpist’s personal business coaches, carefully selected from 1000+ internationally certified coaches.

To achieve sustainable, long-lasting impact, the coaching is supplemented with personalised learning content. Since 2018, Sharpist has emerged as an innovative player in the flourishing L&D industry and now counts Zalando, Porsche, and LMVH amongst its clients.



Products & Services

  • Solving individual leadership challenges with 1:1 digital coaching
  • Ensuring sustainable implementation of leadership skills in everyday life
  • Driving successful business transformation initiatives with the right support
  • Digitial learning platform

Industries Served

  • All industries, companies with more than 1000 employees

Clients Include

  • Porsche SE
  • LVMH
  • Axel Springer
  • Zalando
  • Dussmann Group
  • Miro

Client Testimonials

“We use Sharpist ‘e-business coaching’ at STRABAG because we had very good experiences with it in the pilot project. Thanks to the global network of executive coaches, we can offer this service to our managers at all levels and in most Group countries – and this “sparring” is now very much appreciated.”

– Dr. Günter Senoner, Head of Human Resource Development, STRABAG

“My experience with Sharpist was great from the beginning. From the kick-off (onboarding webinar) we were already aware of our goals and what we could achieve with coaching. During the kick-off, I realized that I could even change my coach, which was great to know. For me, it was the right coach match from the beginning! Although I’m not done with my program yet, I think it’s really cool to see the positive development during the sessions.”

– Julien Marietti, Regional Sales Manager, Moët Hennessy

“Sharpist’s approach helps us to ensure the same high standards of people development across all 40 countries.”

– Malgorzata Warchol, Global Learning & Development Specialist, Franke