Splashtop Inc.

Splashtop delivers GDPR-compliant, best-in-class secure remote access and support solutions at the best-value. Its solutions deliver an in-person experience users need, with security IT can trust.
Remote work is here to stay. While organizations quickly adapted to temporary remote work set-ups, distributed work will be the new de facto for businesses and organizations of all sizes.
Splashtop gives organisations the freedom to ensure productive work and IT support from anywhere. Its in-person experience is as fast, simple and secure as being in front of an on-site machine. Its 4k quality at 60fps with enterprise-grade reliability and scalability sets the standard for performance. And it streamlines access and support for any device or OS in a single application. And, remote IT support can be provided via attended or unattended sessions.
Splashtop’s instant global support allows users to talk directly to an expert, regardless of company size, resolving issues as quickly as possible.
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Industries Served

  • IoT
  • IT / Helpdesk
  • MSPs
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Architecture and Design
  • Accounting
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Education

Clients Include

  • Adobe
  • Disney
  • Harvard University
  • Heinz Hammer GmbH
  • Abbey Road Institute London
  • Hitachi
  • NHS England
  • Marriott Group
  • Virgin Media
  • Warner Bros

Client Testimonials

“Since the start of the pandemic, our customers are seeking ways they can access Adobe video and audio applications on their Windows and Mac workstations from home. With Splashtop, Adobe customers can securely use their personal computers, Android, iPad, iPhone, and Chromebook devices to work productively, away from their offices. Splashtop also has an option to deploy on-premise, and some customers prefer that.”

– Sue Skidmore, Head of Partner Relations, Adobe Video

“Our team decided to go with Splashtop not just because of the price but because of its comprehensive features. The security of the platform, the easy administration and creation of groups and especially the intuitive administration and access via iPad or iPhone were the deciding factors for us.”

– Jens Kernchen, Heinz Hammer GmbH

“Splashtop is a very useful tool in a learning environment and in a creative context for our music production and sound engineering students. It has helped us a lot during these difficult times!”

– Natalia Rodrigues Milanezi, Senior Audio Technician, Abbey Road Institute London