Unimaze is a software solution company focused on creating a digital ecosystem that connects you and your business partners through providing complete automation of e-procurement and e-invoicing processes. Our unique procure-to-pay solution covers all your business needs.


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Products & Services

  • E-invoices - sending
  • E-invoices - receiving
  • Unimaze Digitizer - no manual input when receiving PDF or paper invoices
  • Unimaze Approval - cloud based approval system independent from any specific ERP
  • Unimaze Platform - full overview of all your invoices, track and trace and collaboration tool

Industries Served

  • Our solution can service any finance/accounting department across all industries

Clients Include

  • B2B
  • B2G
  • Dokobit
  • Siemens
  • Origo
  • and many more

Client Testimonials

Unimaze have been one of the City’s main providers for e-invoices solutions for more than a decade. The have been a key partner in implementing e-catalogs and e-orders and a custom-made web portal for smaller suppliers to send e-invoices to Reykjavik City.  Good service, professionalism and compliance with standards are their main concerns.

– City of Reykjavík