Virtual Crew Product by Duke Energy One

Virtual Crew is a experiential training and testing product by Duke Energy 1 that uses virtual and augmented reality. The benefits are:
• Immersive and interactive: The user can interact with the virtual environment in a safer way than “real” reality.
• Sensory reaction: Immersion triggers the user’s emotions in addition to multiple senses, giving the sensation of reality, not just a 3D view.
• Real-time feedback: Users can experience the real-time consequence of their choices in a safe environment.
• Focus: Virtual reality uniquely focuses the user’s attention on the training and experience.

Products & Services

  • Full custom development of other training solutions for any industry.
  • 8 “off the shelf” products
    Natural Gas:
  • Virtual Crew Training: 1651 Purge with Inert Gas at the Main
  • Virtual Crew Training: 1651 Purge with Direct Displacement at the Meter
  • Virtual Crew Training: 0681 Join Plastic Pipe with Stab Fitting
  • Virtual Crew Training: 1241 outside Gas Leak Investigation
  • Virtual Crew Training: 1311 Patrol Right of Way or Easement
  • Virtual Crew Training: Electrical Substation Grounding (Switching and Tagging)
  • Virtual Crew Qualification: Electrical Substation Inspection
  • Virtual Crew Training: Active Attack Preparedness and Response

Industries Served

  • Utilities
  • Engeineering
  • Training
  • Technology
  • Qualification
  • Learning and Development
  • Natural Gas
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism
  • Law Enforcement
  • Education

Clients Include

  • Duke Energy
  • Piedmont Natural Gas

Client Testimonials

“I’ve become a huge believer in this process. I was skeptical of VR at first, but over the past few months of seeing employees gain comfort and trust, I’ve done the same… The largest thing for me is how we’re keeping the employees out of dangerous environment.”

– Ray Blackwell, Piedmont Natural Gas Senior OQ Evaluator

“Deliver training more efficiently and effectively. We can simulate in VR what we would not expose our employees in a training environment and frankly, in VR we could simulate what would happen if something goes wrong.”

– Amber Lineback, Piedmont Natural Gas Director of Training