We bring innovative solutions to the insurance industry through proven modernization strategies for insurers of all sizes.

We solve the complex problem of integration through cloud-native blueprints and industry best practices to incrementally modernize while building upon, integrating with, and leveraging the value of existing core platforms.

We deliver business value that aligns with your goals to make informed decisions, quickly uncover trends through data analysis, and improve underwriting performance and overall quote to bind ratio. We help to drive compliance and assess risk faster by creating cloud-native services that leverage all informational assets to provide a unified approach for data visibility and a “single source of truth” across your organization.



Products & Services

  • Cloud (Hybrid) Migration Assessment
  • Cloud Architecture Design
  • Enterprise Integration (core, SaaS, third-party data, InsurTech)
  • Customer-facing cloud-native applications
  • Business Rules and Process Management

Industries Served

  • Property and Casualty
  • Personal Lines
  • Workman's Compensation
  • Specialty Lines
  • Private Mortgage
  • Carriers, Brokers, Reinsurers

Clients Include

  • To see a representative list of our customers, please visit our website.

Client Testimonials

“We are about ease of doing business. With Vizuri’s recent enhancements, we can write more policies, putting business on the books. Agents are impressed with the speed and flow of the system, and how things are arranged.”

– Property and Casualty

“We looked at other major insurance vendors. One of our competitors went with a major vendor. It wasn’t the right choice for us. Vizuri was willing to work with us on the choices we feel were best for our business.”

– Workman’s Compensation

“Vizuri’s use of Red Hat in the insurance sector provides a modernization approach that provides a pathway for many on their journey to the cloud.”

– Former CEO, Red Hat