Wise Robotics

Wise Robotics is a UK-based provider of next-generation warehouse automation solutions. We offer flexible robotics – all the advantageous speed, efficiency, and accuracy of modern automation, with the addition of fleetfooted installation, streamlined infrastructure, and rapid ROI.
Wise Robotics brings you cutting edge technology in the form of machine vision, SLAM navigation, LIDAR sensors, ultra-fast wireless connectivity, and much more. All controlled and coordinated by an overarching network that our team of software engineers will seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP/WMS operations.
Wise Robotics carries Red Dot Award-winning designs from Hikrobot, industry-leading technology from VisionNav, as well as our own operation enhancing innovations borne from the £4.5 million we spend in R&D every year. We also own and operate Europe’s first flexible automation demonstration centre, allowing any interested businesses to see the robotic revolution for themselves, first-hand.
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Products & Services

  • Warehouse flexible automation
  • Tailored automation solutions
  • AMRs (autonomous mobile robots)
  • Automated forklifts
  • Picking station installation
  • Picking spotlight stations
  • Full pre-existing WMS/ERP integration
  • Ongoing support & maintenance training

Industries Served

  • Warehousing & logistics
  • Ecommerce
  • 3PL
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials handling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Drink
  • Apparel
  • Trade and plant

Clients Include

  • We work with a variety of organisations supporting with automation projects. Given the nature of the relationship, these are often carried out under NDA meaning we are unable to provide names publicly – but we are able to offer reference sites once into the assessment process.

Client Testimonials

“We’re not looking at reducing staff, we’re looking at reducing costs. Previously, we had to bring in extra labour, temporary labour, which is very expensive, especially during seasonal times, so that will definitely reduce. Now, we’re enabled to deploy our existing staff, who we intend to keep, into other areas to enable us to grow even more.”

– Guy Perry, Managing Director

“We were around about a £9 million turnover when we began working with Wise Technology Group, and now we’re breaking well past £17 million. So, by working with Wise Robotics closely, they’ve enabled us to grow and to develop to the size we are. Going forward, we’ve got some big strategies and some large plans to double again. We’ve doubled where we are today, and we intend to do that again.”

– Guy Perry, Managing Director

“Instead of just picking one item for that one order, the robots are picking a month’s worth of stock at a time so, they’re replenishing a month’s worth of stock into that robot. So, that might fulfil 20 to 30 to 40 orders. We used to have six pickers and two packers. The difference is, where we were picking 30-35 lines an hour, now we can pick up to 60-100 lines an hour, with just one picker.”

– Chris Rowley, Head of Despatch