Workbooks delivers cloud-based CRM and Marketing Automation applications to the mid-market, at an affordable price. Our mission is to help businesses operate more successfully, by working consultatively to address their unique challenges and outcomes. We help them grow their revenue, enhance customer experience, reduce operational costs and improve decision making. Our technology platform and consultancy extends beyond sales, marketing and customer support to include order management and fulfilment, invoicing and supplier management, at a price which is typically 50-70% less than solutions such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.
The Workbooks platform joins up the entire organisation around data and processes, promoting teamwork and collaboration. It provides a single 360-degree view of customers, and the information is accessible anytime, anywhere. Productivity is increased, operations are streamlined, insightful decisions are made and businesses are better equipped to differentiate against competitors.
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Products & Services

  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Contact Management
  • Account Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Data Management & Targeting
  • Event Management
  • Track Sales Activities
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales & Marketing Metrics
  • Lead Management & Scoring

Industries Served

  • All Industries

Clients Include

  • Coeliac UK
  • TCMM Shutter Group
  • Forum Events
  • DX Exchange
  • Rotary
  • Russell Finex
  • XPS Pensions
  • Ultima Media
  • TC Facilities Management
  • Kahootz

Client Testimonials

“CRM formed a core part of our business transformation and our investment in Workbooks has proved timely and valuable. It’s enabled us to put customers and data at the heart of our business.”

– Gavin Miller, Managing Director, Ultima Media

“We may not have started on our CRM journey expecting Workbooks to become the platform we’d run the business on, but that’s where we’ve got to, and the efficiencies and insights that it’s generated have been transformational.”

– Sam Tamlyn, Operations Director, TCMM Shutter Group

“We knew from the get-go that Workbooks was the one… Workbooks was more flexible and would allow us to work the way we wanted to. Other companies were just focused on the platform and functionalities they had already built, whilst Workbooks was dedicated to tailoring the software around Rotary’s specific business needs.”

– Chris Roessler, Vice President of Marketing, Rotary Corporation