Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more specifics about Quartz Network.

Why should I join Quartz Network?

Quartz Network is your ticket into an exclusive Community of the true experts, your professional peers. Think of it as having a group of mentors at the ready for navigating decisions, evaluating new technology and deciphering the strategic initiatives that will keep your department at peak performance.

Membership also includes an Interactive Benchmarking portal, giving you a more sophisticated way to measure your department’s performance. You receive data that is meaningful, relevant, and more likely to take your team to the next level.

Top it off by attending a Quartz Executive Summit, the industry leader for over a decade. Members can attend a Summit of your choice at no cost.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us by clicking here.

What is public beta and how do I join?

Beta means we’re still working out some software kinks. In order to deliver an excellent product, we have to understand the best way for it to be used. Beta helps us learn what that is and gives you the opportunity to shape the product into a tool that serves you in the most successful way possible.

Our beta is free and getting started is simple. You’ll complete a brief online application for our team to review and we’ll send notice that you’ve been approved; we ask a few questions up front to protect the integrity of our Community. From there we’ll help you set up your account and access all the Community has to offer.

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Who should join Quartz Network?

Quartz Network is for senior-level decision makers, innovators, and hungry professionals who care about making a difference in their organization and want to inform their decision making in the best way possible. It’s for executives looking for a more effective way to develop as a professional.

What markets does Quartz Network serve?

Quartz Network facilitates focused content for individuals in the following markets:

Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing, Procurement, Research + Development, Supply Chain

What is a ThinkTANK?

ThinkTANKs are the vehicles driving relevant conversation in Quartz Network. They’re online discussions centered on important industry topics. They’re led by a panel of executives specialized in a given topic and a new one runs every two weeks.

When you sign up for a ThinkTANK, the panel of ThinkTANK leads will kick off the topic with presentation materials and talking points. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as share your own experiences.

Learn more about ThinkTANKS here.

What is Interactive Benchmarking?

Interactive Benchmarking is our solution for improving traditional benchmarking. You can customize the parameters for all of the benchmarking data we provide. Change filters, groupings, cross references, date ranges and the like however you see fit.

Learn more about Interactive Benchmarking here.

What are Benchmarking reports?

Benchmarking reports are analyses on data generated from Members of Quartz Network. They cover topics such as KPIs, investment trends, and other information that can help you steer your department towards achieving the right goals.

What is included with Quartz Event VIP access I receive with my membership?

Members of Quartz Network that attend one of our conferences will receive an exclusive VIP upgrade to their conference experience. For the conference of your choice, you’ll receive the following:

  • Full access conference pass
  • $300 travel reimbursement
  • 1 night hotel stay
  • One-on-one meetings with solution providers of your choice
  • All conference presentations and slides
  • Five star catering throughout the event

How much does it cost to join Quartz Network?

While we’re in beta, it is absolutely free to join. Once our full product is launched it will be $995 a year, billed annually.

How do I expense this to my company?

Joining Quartz Network can be categorized as a professional development or educational expense. We think you’ll find it to be the most cost effective path to powerful information. Your budget will thank you.

Is a credit card required to join the beta?

No, there is no credit card or commitment required to get started with Quartz Network. After a brief approval process, you will have full access to Quartz Network.

Can salespeople join Quartz Network?

No. The purpose of Quartz Network is to provide a solicitation-free environment for peers that work in similar positions to share their expertise, experience, and vendor recommendations. While sales pitches and promotions are not permitted on Quartz Network, you can expect to see honest reviews from your peers about their experiences with 3rd party vendors and solution providers.

What is included with membership to Quartz Network?

Membership to Quartz Network includes the following:

  • Access to hundreds of senior-level executives
  • Curated weekly ThinkTANKS
  • Direct messaging with other members
  • Bi-annual benchmarking reports
  • Interactive benchmarking dashboard
  • VIP Status at a Quartz event of your choice including:
    • – Full access to industry-leading educational programs
    • – One nights hotel stay
    • – On-site five star catering
    • – $300 travel reimbursement

Can I lead a ThinkTANK?

All ThinkTANK topics and ThinkTANK leads are carefully curated by Quartz Network content team. If you have a topic to pitch or would like to be considered for a panel, we’d love to hear about it. Connect with our Content Director, Riley, by clicking here.

Does Benchmarking cost extra?

No. As long as you are a member of Quartz Network, you will receive updated benchmarking reports bi-annually and have access to your benchmarking dashboard year round at no extra cost.

What are Quartz Events?

Quartz Events are industry focused events designed for senior-level executives actively looking to implement the most relevant solutions and actionable insights to move business forward.

To learn more, please visit Quartz Events.

Can I communicate directly with other members of Quartz Network?

Yes! And we’ve made it easy for you to identify peers that know a thing or two about the topics you’re interested in. For every ThinkTANK you join, you’ll see a full list of other members attending the same ThinkTANK, as well as the Contributions they make during the session. Make a connection publicly as part of the ThinkTANK or privately through direct message.