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Featured Presentation:  Continuous Improvement/Quality/Lean

Women in Manufacturing

Join us for an executive interview with Pesident of the Women in Manufacturing Association and Education Foundation, Al...

Allison Grealis
President at Women in Manufacturing Association and Education Foundation

Featured Presentation:  Digital Manufacturing/Industry 4.0/IoT

Science and Technology of Flexible Manufacturing Processes

A central feature of the emergence of new manufacturing and business paradigms is based on the integration of cyber and...

Jian Cao
Professor and Associate VP for Research at Northwestern University

Featured Presentation:  Manufacturing / R&D

When A Skateboard Is All You Need

How to use a Minimal Viable Product and Rapid Learning Cycles to launch a new product. An MVP is the exact minimum need...

Thomas Fedorka
Former VP, Appliance Engineering at Drinkworks

Featured Presentation:  Manufacturing / R&D

Real World Use Of Additive Manufacturing In Production &...

Stratasys will share rapidly scaling examples of how 3D printing is having a real world impact on manufacturing today. ...

Scott Sevcik
VP of Aerospace at Stratasys

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