2021 Workforce Trends

Gautam Sukumar

Senior Vice President, Global Product and Technology at ADP

Learning Objectives

Significant shifts to the workplace in 2020 have made way for a newly transformed world of work in 2021. The changing landscape this year has employers and workers looking to digital solutions to help them adapt. Now, as businesses navigate forward, global HR tech leader ADP has identified the key trends reshaping the workforce in the new year. With more insight on the workforce technology outlook, please welcome Senior Vice President of Product Management at ADP Gautam Sukumar.

Key Takeaways:

  • You work within ADP's Global Product and Technology division – how has your role changed given the new workplace dynamics?

  • Let’s talk more about some of the trends ADP identified, what are the key variables transforming the workforce in 2021, and why?

  • As we dig deeper into these trends, how do you see technology helping HR leaders support employees from a diversity perspective?

  • There is also a pretty significant need for that kind of transparency in the compliance space. How is technology helping businesses navigate what has become a more complex regulatory environment?