21st Century Performance Improvement (Without Appraisals)

Christopher Lee

Chief Human Resources Officer at 21st Century Performance Improvement (Without Appraisals)

Learning Objectives

The world has changed, so should our approach to management. Outdated ways of working are no longer suitable for a dynamic world with a 24/7/365 pace, remote work, Millennials, advancing technologies, diversity, and uncertainty. The goal of today's leader should be to coach employees to help them get better, guide employees to perform better, and encourage and counsel them so that they feel better about their work and the organization. Old fashioned performance appraisals demoralize employees, ruin engagement, and cause turnover. Learn about the Performance Conversations method, a novel performance improvement methodology that unlocks the fullness of employee potential.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shift ones mindset, methods, and tools for managing

  • Learn to coach, counsel, and cheer on employees to increasingly higher levels of performance

  • Develop positive rapport and relationships with employees to enhance results by using the Performance Conversations method