3 Communication Tips to Get Work Done and Ensure Your Team’s Success

Dave Kislik

Director of Operations at Quest Service Group

Learning Objectives

One of the biggest aspects of the day to day operations of any organization is communication. Sadly, it's also one of the most overlooked! Internal communication drives business success. It can make or break a project and usually shows up on performance reviews, yet never makes it into the training manual. We need to change our approach to create a culture of positive interactions, increased productivity, happier employees, and less waste overall. The best part is, it doesn't cost you anything to take full advantage of it! Today, we're going to review three things you can do right now to ensure your team is creating the results you need through their communications.

Key Takeaways:

  • You should be expecting a certain level of communication from your employees/teams - and you might not be getting it right now

  • How you can teach your team to communicate the ways that you and your business needs

  • How you can/should respond in order to manage those behaviors in a positive and intended direction