6 Critical Questions to Ask Before Establishing Your Centre of Excellence

David Sargent

Customer Success Director at Bizagi

Scott Forrester

Customer Success Director at Bizagi

Learning Objectives

Covid-19 has compressed corporate budgets, reduced the workforce, and disrupted company processes worldwide. Many organizations now face the challenge of adapting to a new normal or suffering adverse economic effects. One of the best ways to help your organization rise above change is to ensure alignment around a common purpose. Companies can do just that by establishing your Center of Excellence (CoE) or Strike Forces.

Join Bizagi’s David Sargent and Scott Forrester as they walk you through the six critical questions companies should ask before establishing their CoE. They will share their experience of helping organizations develop the proper foundations for this new team as well as examples of what can be achieved once one is put into place. You will walk away knowing what needs to be asked, who needs to be involved, and how to get your CoE up and running.